Top sunglasses manufacturers USA

There are a lot Sunglasses manufacturers USA, But we just selected the top 12 for you, because it is a good number in bible! Sunglasses manufacturers in the USA can provide this service. These manufacturers can supply quality eyewear and accessories for you. All you need to do is find the right one for your brand and market their products to your customers.

12 sunglasses manufacturers USA list

  • Eyeking Eyewear
    Eyeking Eyewear is a US-based manufacturer that designs, manufactures, and distributes functional and fashionable eyewear. Starting from a small garage in Brooklyn, New York, in 1955, they have grown into a company with global headquarters in Melville, NY. They partner with both local and global brands to offer a wide range of eyewear.
  • American Optical

    American Optical began in 1833 and is one of the oldest eyewear manufacturers in the US. Known for crafting sunglasses for pilots, Presidents, and NASA space crews, they manufacture their frames in their Illinois factory. The company prides itself on its craftsmanship, leading to unique designs and iconic styles.
  • Shwood

    Shwood Eyewear, based in Portland, Oregon, started in 2009. They focus on creating unique sunglasses made from wood, stone, acetate, titanium, and brass. The company has evolved to meet the demands of local and international clients while maintaining a connection to nature in their designs.
  • Lowercase
    Lowercase, located in Brooklyn, New York, produces handmade sunglasses using a small-batch process that combines traditional and modern techniques. They emphasize craftsmanship and sustainable production, selling their designs through independent retailers and their website.
  • AmSun
    AmSun has over 30 years of experience manufacturing and distributing made-in-USA eyewear. Their products include sunglasses and prescription optical frames made with modern technology, offered at reasonable prices to foster long-term partnerships.
  • Allure Eyewear
    Allure Eyewear specializes in developing sunglasses and optical frames with cutting-edge technology. They focus on authenticity, adaptability, and advancement, investing in research and development to create unique designs and exceptional customer experiences.
  • Randolph
    Randolph has been handcrafting American eyewear since 1973 and is trusted by the US military. Based in Randolph, Massachusetts, they offer customization services and manufacture eyewear for pilots and military personnel.
  • Maui Jim
    one popular womens sunglasses brands. Maui Jim started in 1980 in Lahaina, Hawaii. Known for their PolarizedPlus2 lenses, they offer over 125 unique styles that protect against UVA and UVB rays. The company treats its customers like family and provides excellent customer service worldwide.
    ARC-IRIS is a small American business that handcrafts premium eyewear and accessories. Based on a foundation of combined engineering and woodworking knowledge, they produce durable and fashionable wood frames.
  • State Optical Co.
    State Optical Co., located in Chicago, claims to be the first luxury eyewear brand made entirely in the USA. Their frames go through a 75-step process, handcrafted by elite artisans. They release two collections annually, for spring/summer and fall/winter.
  • Gatorz Eyewear
    Gatorz, founded in San Diego in 1989, focuses on the extreme sports industry. They initially made aluminum eyewear for motorcyclists and skydivers but have expanded to cater to Navy SEALS and other extreme sports athletes.
  • Peppers Eyeware
    Peppers Eyeware, founded in 1994, manufactures polarized sports sunglasses and fashionable eyewear. They supply their products to retailers, athletic stores, and sunglasses outlets in the US and internationally, following the latest fashion trends.

FAQ of  American Sunglasses Manufacturers

  1. What are some private label sunglasses manufacturers in the USA?
    Private label sunglasses manufacturers in the US include Eyeking Eyewear, Frame and Optic, Allure Eyewear, and Dom Vetro.
  2. Which sunglasses brands are most popular in the US?
    The most popular sunglasses brands in the US are Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Randolph, Oakley, Ray-Bans, Tom Ford, Tommy Hilfiger, and Polaroid.
  3. Are Randolph sunglasses made in the USA?
    Yes, Randolph sunglasses are made in the USA by Randolph Engineering. They have been trusted by private and military fighter pilots since the company was established 40 years ago.

Different between USA and China sunglasses manufacturer

When choosing between USA and China sunglasses manufacturers, you need to consider several factors. Here are the pros and cons of each to help you decide.

USA Sunglasses Manufacturers


  1. High Quality:
    USA manufacturers make high-quality sunglasses. They use good materials and skilled workers.
  2. Customization:
    Many USA companies let you customize designs. This helps your brand stand out.
  3. Easy Communication:
    Talking to USA manufacturers is easier. You can get quick responses.
  4. Safety for Your Ideas:
    USA laws protect your designs and ideas from being copied.
  5. Quick Delivery:
    Getting products from USA manufacturers is faster. This helps you launch products on time.
  6. Good Reputation:
    Customers often think products made in the USA are better. This can improve your brand’s image.


  1. Higher Costs:
    Making sunglasses in the USA costs more. This means higher prices for your products.
  2. Smaller Factories:
    USA factories might not handle very large orders as well as China factories.
  3. Fewer Materials:
    You might find fewer types of materials in the USA compared to China.

China Sunglasses Manufacturers


  1. Lower Costs:
    Making sunglasses in China is cheaper. This means lower prices for your products.
  2. Large Factories:
    China has big factories that can handle large orders easily.
  3. Many Materials:
    China offers a wide variety of materials for making sunglasses.
  4. Advanced Technology:
    Many factories in China use modern machines and methods to make high-quality sunglasses.
  5. Good Shipping:
    China has strong shipping networks, so you can send products worldwide easily.


  1. Quality Control:
    The quality of products can vary. You might need to check the products more often.
  2. Safety Risks for Ideas:
    There is a higher risk of your designs being copied in China.
  3. Communication Issues:
    Talking to Chinese manufacturers can be harder due to language and time differences.
  4. Longer Delivery:
    Shipping from China takes longer. This can delay your product launches.
  5. Ethical Concerns:
    Some factories in China may have poor working conditions. You need to check this carefully.


We hope this list of sunglasses manufacturers in the USA helps you find a reliable sourcing partner for your sunglasses business. Now it is up to you to try them out, negotiate, and stock up on sunglasses for your brand. If you are going to start a sunglasses business, you want to import sunglasses from china, you can contact us

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