Eyewear Manufacturer and Wholesaler in China

Welcome to UIIGlasses, we are a leading glasses manufacturer and wholesaler based in China. We provide high quality eyewear products like sunglasses and reading glasses and professional service like OEM .
We provide fashionable and high-quality eyewear products to global eyewear market.

Products and Services

our products not only have fashionable design and comfortable wearing feeling, but also pay attention to protecting the user's eye health.

We also provide OEM customization services, and unique eyewear products for our partners.

Manufacturing and Quality

We have an experienced manufacturing team and strictly control the production process to ensure that each pair of glasses meets international quality standards. We use high-quality materials combined with exquisite workmanship to ensure the durability and comfort of the product. Through strict quality inspection and testing, we guarantee that each pair of glasses can provide a superior visual experience.

Global partnership

We have established cooperative relationships with partners worldwide in the past 15 years. Our glasses products are exported to overseas markets, and are deeply trusted and praised by customers. We pay attention to communication and cooperation with customers, constantly listen to their feedback, and constantly optimize products and services according to their demands.

Contact us

Click here to contact us if you interested in our products. Whether you are an eyewear retailer, brand owner or distributor, we will provide you with professional eyewear wholesale and manufacturing services. Looking forward to creating a better future with you!