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Whether you need a few pairs or a lot, our quality stays the same. Stop looking. Choose UIIGLASSES, the leading eyeglasses factory in China, to create top-notch reading glasses for your business and bring your vision to life.

If you need custom eyeglasses, we can help you create unique designs to make your brand stand out.

As a wholesale eyeglasses supplier, we also provide bulk sunglasses at great prices to brands worldwide. Unlike others, we never cut corners on quality.

Reading Glasses

Our glasses feature Carl Zeiss lenses, modern designs, and come in all sizes. These frames ensure both stylish and optimal eye health.

Best Materials

Don't worry vision care

Carl Zeiss Lenses

Modern Design

All Sizes

Best selection of High-Quality lenses.

Premium-grade lenses that offer high-quality optics, exceptional clarity, and enhanced vision for an unparalleled visual experience.

designer manufacturer

Made in China

Finest eyewear manufacturer in China, known for their superior quality, trendy designs, and optimal vision enhancemen

fashion sunglasses

Striking Design

Exceptional reading glasses with a striking design that seamlessly blends fashion and functionality for a stylish visual experience.

Best Materials

Superior reading glasses crafted with the finest materials, ensuring durability, comfort, and exceptional visual clarity for the best reading experience.

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Photo of Factory

The process of manufacturing sunglasses

Frame Design and Material Selection

Designers create blueprints, choosing materials like plastic, metal, acetate, or wood.

Frame Production

Frames are produced using techniques like injection molding or CNC machining.


Lens Production

Lenses are made through injection molding or cutting and shaping larger pieces of material.


Frames and lenses are assembled, ensuring they fit together perfectly.

Quality Control

Each pair of sunglasses undergoes thorough checks for aesthetics, functionality, and durability.

Packaging and Distribution

Finished products are packaged according to brand guidelines and distributed to retailers or consumers.

Why Choose Us


  1. Cost-Effective Production:

    • Lower manufacturing costs make our eyeglass frames very affordable.
    • Large-scale production facilities allow for significant savings.
  2. High Volume Production:

    • We handle large orders, making us ideal for bulk purchases.
  3. Technological Advancements:

    • Our advanced technology ensures high-quality and efficient production.
  4. Flexibility:

    • We offer a wide range of customization options, perfect for eyewear brands and startups.


  1. Quality Concerns:

    • There can be variability in product quality between different manufacturers.
  2. Intellectual Property Risks:

    • There is a higher risk of design copying and counterfeiting.
  3. Communication Barriers:

    • Language and cultural differences can lead to misunderstandings.
  4. Perceived Value:

    • Some consumers may view products made in China as lower quality.

USA Eyeglasses Manufacturers


  1. High-Quality Standards:

    • Stringent quality control and the use of premium materials ensure top-quality products.
  2. Innovation and Design:

    • The USA is home to cutting-edge technology and trendy designs, often setting global eyewear trends.
  3. Brand Perception:

    • Products made in the USA carry a premium image and are associated with high quality.
  4. Intellectual Property Protection:

    • Strong legal frameworks offer better protection against IP theft.


  1. Higher Costs:

    • Higher wages and production costs result in more expensive products.
  2. Production Capacity:

    • US manufacturers may have lower production capacities compared to Chinese factories.
  3. Lead Times:

    • Longer production times due to smaller scales of operation.

Italian Eyeglasses Manufacturers


  1. Luxury and Design:

    • Italy is known for its luxury eyewear brands and high-fashion designs.
  2. Quality and Materials:

    • Use of superior materials and meticulous construction ensure a premium finish.
  3. Brand Prestige:

    • Italian-made eyeglasses are prestigious and often considered status symbols.
  4. Innovation in Design:

    • Italy leads in setting trends and creating innovative designs in the eyewear market.


  1. High Costs:

    • Artisan craftsmanship and premium materials lead to higher production costs.
  2. Limited Production Capacity:

    • Italian manufacturers typically produce in smaller volumes.
  3. Supply Chain Complexity:

    • Managing supply chains can be more complex and costly when sourcing from Italy.
  4. Market Niche:

    • High-end positioning may limit the market to more affluent consumers, reducing mass-market appeal.