sunglasses cases wholesale

As a sunglasses manufacturer we supply a lot types of sunglasses case wholesale. Of course, we also support customized services for glasses cases

Explore Our Sunglass Case Categories

We offer a diverse selection of sunglass cases to suit all styles and needs. Browse through our categories to find the perfect case for your business.

Hard Cases

Sturdy and protective

Soft Cases

Lightweight and flexible

Designer Cases

Stylish and chic options

Featured Sunglass Cases

Which is best sale of our cases

Classic Soft Case

High-quality hard case with a sleek design.
Price: $5~10

Soft Cases

Lightweight and easy to carry.
Price: $5~10

Designer Leather Case

Premium leather case for a sophisticated look.
Price: $5~10

custom logo sunglasses

As a custom sunglasses manufacturer ,we supply a lot services for cheap custom sunglasses. 

printed logo on case

custom logo on bag

why to choose the sunglasses case

A sunglasses case helps keep your sunglasses safe. Here are some reasons to get a sunglasses box for your sunglasses:


  • Avoid Damage: A case stops your sunglasses from getting scratched or broken.
  • Stay Clean: It keeps your sunglasses clean and free from dust.


  • Easy to Find: A packing case makes it easy to find your sunglasses in a bag or purse.
  • Stay Organized: It keeps your things neat and in one place.


  • Match Theme: Pick a case that matches your wedding colors.
  • Personal Touch: You can add names or special messages to the case.

Gift Presentation

  • Looks Nice: A nice case makes giving sunglasses as a gift more special.
  • Complete Gift: It makes the sunglasses gift more thoughtful.


  • Lasts Longer: A strong case helps your sunglasses last longer.
  • Good for Travel: It keeps your sunglasses safe when you travel.

In short, a sunglasses case keeps your sunglasses safe, clean, and easy to find. It also makes the gift more special and helps the sunglasses last longer.

How to cooperate with us

Step 1

Submit Your Detailed Inquiry

Provide us with comprehensive details about your requirements for sunglasses such as sizes, quantity, materials, and type. it will be very helpful, you will get the quoted price as soon as possible

Step 2

Submit Your Sample/Design

we will give the best insights and recommendations for you such as budget and time-to-market needs after you send your sunglasses samples to us

Step 3

Artwork & Sample Confirmation

we will provide the requested sample according to your request , ensuring that it meets the desired production-quality standards after the details finalized.

Step 4

Mass Production & Delivery

Trust us that we can accurate handle every aspect During the production phase . We will use the best materials, accurate quantity, impeccable printing, and timely delivery, ensuring the eyeglasses business

where to bulk glasses case

Contact us now, if you are looking for a eyeglasses frame manufacturer for your sunglasses business. Best wholesale price for you! Follow this guide to learn how to important glasses box from China

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