China (Danyang) Eyewear Intelligent Equipment and Materials Exhibition

On June 19, the 2023 Danyang Eyewear Festival commenced, simultaneously hosting the inaugural China (Danyang) Eyewear Intelligent Equipment and Materials Exhibition under the theme “Window of Vision, Light of Danyang.” Experts, scholars, entrepreneurs, and traders from the eyewear industry both domestically and internationally gathered at this grand event. Concurrently, the Danyang Eyewear Industry Promotion and Project Signing Ceremony took place, where 21 eyewear industry projects were signed with a total investment of nearly 3 billion yuan.

The eyewear industry in Danyang originated in the 1960s and has since grown into a pillar industry with distinctive characteristics. Presently, Danyang has established a relatively complete eyewear industry chain centered around design, production, and sales. It has also developed an industrial system characterized by social division of labor, scale-based support, and seamless coordination. According to statistics, in 2022, the taxable sales of the eyewear manufacturing industry in Danyang reached 12.23 billion yuan, marking an 8.66% year-on-year growth. The export sales amounted to 4.5 billion yuan, reflecting an 18.61% increase. Danyang has been honored with titles such as “National Base for Foreign Trade Transformation and Upgrading,” “China’s Eyewear Production Base,” “China’s Eyewear Export Base,” and “Jiangsu Province Eyewear Industry Cluster Brand Cultivation Base.”

The Danyang Eyewear Festival serves as a platform for open cooperation, industry exchanges, and integrated development. In his speech, David Ping, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of the China Optometric and Optical Association, expressed his hope that Danyang would leverage this eyewear festival to tell the story of “Danyang Eyewear” by focusing on innovation, integration, improvement, and service, fully leveraging the advantages of its distinctive industry cluster.

During the event, the Sizhen Eyewear Industrial Park and Danyang Eyewear City projects were introduced. In the subsequent new technology release conference, Jiangsu Shengpu Optical Technology Co., Ltd. unveiled its revolutionary high-end monofocal lens optical design innovation: L.O.S.D—a new design concept based on point focus and paraxial hybrid innovation. Xinjian Intelligent Control (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd. presented lens intelligent inspection equipment, while Naneng Coating (Danyang) Co., Ltd. showcased vacuum ion coating technology and offered various coating solutions and processing services.

Several cooperative projects were signed on-site. The Sizhen Town in Danyang successfully signed six cooperative projects, Danyang Development Zone signed four cooperative projects, Danyang High-tech Zone signed two cooperative projects, and Danyang Eyewear Town signed four cooperative projects. The event also facilitated the signing of five successful contracts for technology industry projects.

To boost the financial support for the eyewear industry and enhance the reputation of “Eyewear Capital” Danyang, the event organized financial institutions to provide centralized credit signing for the eyewear industry. Seven banks signed credit agreements with five companies, including Dongfang Optical, Wanxin Optical, Quanzhen Optical, Hongchen Group, and Xuanyang Optical, with a total credit amount of 1.01 billion yuan. Additionally, statistics show that in 2023, Danyang signed a total of 49 projects with an investment of over 100 million yuan, amounting to 16.999 billion yuan. Danyang City has approved 138 actual credit projects, with a credit amount of 1.878 billion yuan.

Simultaneously, the three-day 2023 “Window of Vision, Light of Danyang” inaugural China (Danyang) Eyewear Intelligent Equipment and Materials Exhibition commenced. The exhibition, held from June 19 to June 21, covered an exhibition area of 6,400 square meters, comprising two halls: Hall 1 and Hall 2. Nearly 100 exhibitors participated in the event. The showcased products included various intelligent production equipment, materials, spare parts, and related molds for eyewear and lenses. It also featured optometry, inspection and correction instruments, eye medical equipment, and supplies. The exhibition included a dedicated area for eyewear e-commerce live streaming, where online hosts showcased the charm of Danyang eyewear, facilitating its sales to the world through live e-commerce platforms.

This exhibition focused on promoting the advantages of the Danyang Eyewear City platform, carrier, and services. By leveraging large-scale exhibitions, it aimed to attract global high-end equipment and material manufacturers and distributors to actively participate, enhance cooperation, deepen exchanges, and drive high-quality development across the industry. Simultaneously, the exhibition laid the foundation and prepared for future events such as the “China (Danyang) International Eyewear Exhibition,” thereby propelling the development of Danyang’s eyewear industry to new heights.


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