Stylish Sustainable Sunglasses with Cool Eco-Friendly Frames

The stylish sustainable sunglasses with cool Eco-Friendly Frames will inspire you! These sunglasses combine fashion with sustainability, making them an attractive option for many consumers.

Eco-friendly frames are typically crafted from bamboo, wood, recycled plastic, or other sustainable materials. They help reduce the environmental impact associated with traditional materials-based plastics or metal frames. These frames often have a unique and natural look, adding a touch of style to your eyewear.

The result comes from 3 websites(,, We think the best 5 Sustainable Sunglasses are Sunski, Proof, Woodzee, Pela, and Pala.

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Best For | Sunglasses for outdoor adventures

Sustainability | Recycled plastic, gives back via 1% for the Planet

Price | $48–$98

Sunski developed its sustainable material for sunglasses, using scrap plastic that would have otherwise ended up in landfills. Their frames are perfect for enjoying the great outdoors.

These eco-friendly sunglasses brands are leading the way in sustainable fashion without compromising on style. Make a conscious choice for your eyes and the environment.


Best For | Wood sunglasses

Sustainability | FSC-certified wood, cotton-based acetate, & repurposed skateboard decks, partner with nonprofits & conservations

Price | $85–$120

Proof Eyewear frames are made with eco-friendly and recycled materials, and a portion of each purchase helps various causes, including health and vision clinics around the world.


Best For | Classic styles with a twist

Sustainability | Wood & bamboo, recycled skateboards, glasses recycling program

Price | $49–$240

Woodzee combines sophisticated style with nature’s influence. They have a unique recycling program that allows customers to recycle old frames and receive 50 percent off their next order. With a wide variety of stylish options and international shipping, Woodzee has something for everyone.


Best For | Pay-what-you-want payscale

Sustainability | Recycled materials, less water, plastic, and carbon emissions, recycling program, gives back via 1% for the Planet

Price Range | $30–$40

Pela, known for its cute phone cases, offers chic, affordable, and low-waste sunglasses. They use significantly fewer emissions, water, and waste in their production, and they run a recycling program for old sunglasses.


Best For | Sustainable sunglasses for the UK

Sustainability| Bio-acetate, carbon offsetting, sunglass bags made from 70% recycled PET, recycling service to UK customers

Price Range | 145 €–185 €

Pala uses Italian bio-acetate, a 100 percent plant-based, biodegradable material, to craft their groovy frames. They also collaborate with artisans in Ghana to weave cases using recycled plastic. Pala is committed to a circular economy, reusing materials as much as possible.

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